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Atomic Spectrophotometer

Our company has achieved widespread recognition in providing Atomic Spectrophotometer to the clients. This product is used in chemical industry along with pharmacology and toxicology research for determining the concentration of a particular element in a sample. This product is manufactured by using advance technology and high quality raw material.


  • Completely controlled by PC can flexibly select the flame & graphite furnace atomizer (optional)
  • Eight light stands can be changed automatically and preheat the eight element lights meantime as well as optimize the working condition of the hollow cathode lamp
  • Position adjusting: the best height of the flame burner and can automatically set the front and rear positions
  • Fully automated wavelength scanning and peak searching
  • Complete safety chains protection equipment; the function of warning and automatic safety protection towards the wrong burner, leakage of the gas. Under voltage of air and the abnormal flameout
  • Deuterium lamp and self-absorption background regulation
  • Data processing: super strong database, possesses more than 500 data self-storage and cut-off storage function, can store the analyzed result with the form of EXCEL and the testing method and the result can be randomly called
  • Measuring method: flame absorption method and emission method
  • Result printing: parameter printing, data result printing and diagram printing


Wavelength Range 190-900 nm
Spectral Bandwidth Can automatically change between 0.1nm, 0.2nm
0.4nm 1nm and 2nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.15nm
Wavelength Receptivity ≤0.04nm
Baseline Stability <0.002A/30 min (Cu)
Characteristic Viscosity 0.02µg/ml (cu)
Checking Limit 0.04µg/ml (cu)
Preciseness 0.50%
Grating 1800 lines / mm
Inflamer All metal titanium burner
Atomizer Effective glass atomizer
Lamp Stand Eight Lamps
D. background correction ability when the background is 1A, the background
ability should be deducted not less than 50 times
self absorption background deduction method
Size & Weight 71 x 56 x 46 cms & 75 kgs (Approx.)
Power Source 220 V± 22 VAC


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